About Us

Buying your first home, upgrading your lifestyle, or deciding to have a pre constriction, investment properties or even starting your business and looking for buying it or construct it, that is MY PASSION.

In 2011 i started my journey to become a real estate agent, and ever since I haven't miss an open house since I landed in 2003.

I started by own team 2017 as Miranda Homes and reach one of the top 5% realtors across Canada in 2018, which earned us the platinum spot. I found it important to dedicate a realtor to each sector to increase efficiency. Sectors include; investment pre-construction, commercial and rental.


My team make it a one-stop shop for you, eliminating  stress with having to deal with multiple people for your home.

We provide;
- The stager to get your house ready for quick and easy sales.
- Mortgage brokers to help you get your finance in easy steps.
- Real estate lawyer to close your deal wherever you are.
- Accountant to get you all your forms through the government channel.
- Even movers to get your move as smooth as possible.

Every individual in my team are truly passionate about real estate, you can ensure that they are here to make this process as hassle free as possible, done properly, and on time.

Real estate is my life, your home is mine, so when I buy it I know I will sometimes spend in there so I get you the best home where you can call it MY HOME.

You might have certain plans for the year going through your mind; maybe you’re looking for a new home to move into or you might think about selling your current dwelling to move into a new place. Whether you’re buying or selling a property, you would agree that the process is quite thrilling yet winding, particularly when it comes to the competitive real estate markets of Canada.